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Obesity Awareness Initiative

Jan 25, 2016

One of the largest medical issues facing our children is obesity.  Over the past few months, our practice has been brainstorming how to help our parents and children live healthier lives.  Eating properly starts as an infant.  As parents, we give our children messages about food that they keep for the rest of their lives.  This month, the Department of Health and Human Services released its dietary recommendations for 2015-2020.  This statement focuses on healthy eating, with a special emphasis on decreasing the amount of added sugar in our diets. We at Cary Pediatrics think this is a wonderful next step in fighting obesity.

We encourage you to read through the dietary recommendations, which can be found at

Hopefully, one of the things that you will notice during checkups is a renewed energy and discussion about the dietary habits of your entire family. We want to help you make better choices for your children. We will also be doing our part and will no longer be giving out lollipops in the office. When your child asks for one, it will be a chance for you to talk about sugar and healthy eating at home.

If you have access to Netflix or Amazon Prime, we also suggest that you watch the movie “Fed Up”.  This is powerful documentary examining the obesity epidemic in America and the role our food industry plays.

Don’t worry, we will continue to give out stickers and some new treats as well!  Please join us in fighting the obesity epidemic in our community!