Return of Well Care to Apex!

We are so excited to announce the return of well care to our Apex office.  

Dear Favorite Patients:

For the past several weeks we at Cary, Fuquay-Varina, and Apex Pediatrics have been remaining flexible during the ongoing pandemic. We have been trying to anticipate the needs of our patients and our community in remaining open, available for checkups, concern visits, or telehealth visits. When this all began, we were pleased to have the flexibility of making one of ours an office where we saw patients with coughs and fevers, while keeping the remaining offices for well-care only. This has been helpful, but has also meant that hundreds of our patients in our Apex office have had to have their visits cancelled or moved to other offices.

As time has passed, and we have seen a dramatic drop in the number of truly sick patients in our office, we will be changing how we see patients in Apex. Those of you who go to Apex as your medical home know that our space there is like two distinct medical offices connected together with hallways. We have a lot of space there, with few connections between them. This weekend after our Saturday sick office is closed, we will be having industry professionals install hospital grade plastic between our “new” half, and our “old” half in Apex. Our entire office will be extensively and professionally cleaned.

The partition with plastic will create a full hallway in Apex on the “old” side with its own entrance, bathroom, multiple exam rooms, and a dedicated provider and nurse who will staff there all day long. Patients needing to be seen here will not be in any waiting room, and will be brought in directly from their car to an exam room by staff wearing masks. We would respectfully request you also wear masks if possible when you come in for your visit, and bring a minimal number of people with you. Once your visit is done, you will leave directly to your car.

On our “new” side, we will resume care as we have previously, with Dr. Steele, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Bowman, and our wonderful nurse practitioners Shana Bailey and Ali Groesser. This space will remain our checkup area, without sharing of staff or patients each day. It is our hope that by doing this, parents will remain confident that they can bring their children in to any of our offices for checkups, their yearly screenings, immunizations, and relationship building that we value as your medical home.