Covid Vaccine Update

We are excited & can’t hide it! We only have ONE MORE STEP before we can start administering the vaccine so many of you are waiting for! When Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC gives the final approval – and it could come as soon as tonight! – we will be ready to go! Some answers to questions you have asked:

1. We will reach out to you via email, portal messages, text, &/or phone calls. Remember, we received a small amount of vaccine this morning, & will be reaching out to our high risk patients first. Asthma? On the list. Diabetes? On the list. Cystic fibrosis? On the list, & this is a small sample of possible diagnoses.

2. We will give vaccines at each office. We will have various times & days of the week for clinics & it will be offered at your well-child appointment once we have an ample supply.

3. Expect to wait 15 minutes after your vaccine – 30 minutes if you have a history of allergic reactions. Our exceptional nurses will let you know how long to wait.

4. If we have vaccine that might go unused at the end of a day, we will use the waiting-list to reach out to patients.

5. We appreciate your continued patience. When we say to you that all of our teams are excited to vaccinate each & every patient who wants it, we mean it!

We are hopeful this will be exactly what we need to keep each patient safe, & work towards making this pandemic a memory.
Keep an eye on our website, our FB, IG & your emails!

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