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Our office performs ADHD screening for our families and helps them navigate the confusing landscape of ‘attention’ in school and at home. Please call to set up a consult with one of our providers if you or the school has concerns.


Adolescent Care

As your child moves from elementary school to middle school, their body and interests change, and our parenting changes along with them. As pediatricians, the way we care for your child changes as well. We assess for risky behavior, counsel on safety and discuss a large number of developmentally appropriate topics.


After Hours

Clinical advice is available 24/7 by calling the office during regular hours or after hours with our triage service or physician on call.



Asthma affects one in ten children and is one of the most common chronic diseases of childhood. As a practice, we are committed to helping you and your child control their asthma symptoms so that they can have a normal and active lifestyle.


Breastfeeding / Lactation Consult

Our Lactation Consultant is located in our Apex office. Karissa collaborates with parents by creating customized plans to meet the needs of the each families’ unique goals. Her gentle approach to counseling develops better understanding of baby, generates a sense of empowerment within the mother, and enhances the enjoyment of the breastfeeding experience.



We are now able to preform circumcisions on your newborn boy. The procedure is currently only performed in our Cary office.



At Cary, Fuquay and Apex Pediatrics, we are proud to be following the latest recommendations from the AAP for the most effective adolescent contraception. We offer traditional guidance for birth control, including but not limited to abstinence, condoms, oral contraceptives, Depo Provera, and Nexplanon.


Ear Piercing

Several of our providers now provide professional ear piercing for our patients. We prefer to see children from two to six months, and over 8 years of age. Please call our office if you would like to schedule your child’s first ear piercing with us. Ear piercings are for established patients only.


Edit Apex Office

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