Covid Vaccine Information

Dear Cary Peds Families:

We are sending this message out to all of our families, which will be of special interest to those that are interested in the new COVID-19 booster vaccine that is now available.

How this vaccine is being delivered has changed. It is no longer being supplied by the government, but is being purchased by pediatricians privately. Because it is a new product, and has new codes that go with it, insurers are not prepared to pay for it. This means we really can’t give it yet. And we are seeing increasing numbers of COVID illness in our community.

We need your help. We would like to be able to give this vaccine to those who want it. While we are reaching out to insurance companies also, we need you to do the same. Please reach out to your human resources coordinator or the customer service number on the back of your card, and request that this vaccine be covered enough for your pediatrician to be able to stock the new COVID-19 booster.

Until we are able to offer the vaccine, check with local pharmacies (ages 3 and up) and local health departments. Click the link below for additional locations.

Find Covid Vaccine

Thank you!


Cary Pediatric Center