Covid Vaccine Update

Whew! We have been able to vaccine about 900 patients so far. We expect our Wave 3 vaccine doses THIS WEEK. When we get the notification that the vaccine has shipped, we will send an email/text to all patients ages 5-11, & we will update our website as well as our social media accounts. We will NOT open any clinics until we know the vaccine is on the way! We will have after hours appointments, appointments during the day & Saturday appointments so we can vaccinate every patient who wants it. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Covid Vaccine Update

We are excited & can’t hide it! We only have ONE MORE STEP before we can start administering the vaccine so many of you are waiting for! When Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the CDC gives the final approval – and it could come as soon as tonight! – we will be ready to go! Some answers to questions you have asked:

1. We will reach out to you via email, portal messages, text, &/or phone calls. Remember, we received a small amount of vaccine this morning, & will be reaching out to our high risk patients first. Asthma? On the list. Diabetes? On the list. Cystic fibrosis? On the list, & this is a small sample of possible diagnoses.

2. We will give vaccines at each office. We will have various times & days of the week for clinics & it will be offered at your well-child appointment once we have an ample supply.

3. Expect to wait 15 minutes after your vaccine – 30 minutes if you have a history of allergic reactions. Our exceptional nurses will let you know how long to wait.

4. If we have vaccine that might go unused at the end of a day, we will use the waiting-list to reach out to patients.

5. We appreciate your continued patience. When we say to you that all of our teams are excited to vaccinate each & every patient who wants it, we mean it!

We are hopeful this will be exactly what we need to keep each patient safe, & work towards making this pandemic a memory.
Keep an eye on our website, our FB, IG & your emails!

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Covid Vaccine Update

Many of you have seen (and called about!) that the FDA approved the Covid 19 vaccine for children ages 5 – 11y. We are waiting on TWO MORE approvals from the ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) & the CDC. The ACIP is meeting tomorrow & will hopefully approve the vaccine. Once we get the FINAL word from the CDC, & have the vaccine in the office, we will begin scheduling appointments. We believe we will have an answer & vaccine by the end of the week! We are thrilled that so many of you are excited – as of this morning, we have over 1100 individual families on our Sign-Up genius! Please continue to check our website often, as well as on our FaceBook & IG pages. Please do not call the office for updates – Our website is where you will find the most up to date information. It is our goal for everyone who wants the vaccine for their school aged children to get it as quickly as possible at one of our offices. We are ready & just waiting on the 2 approvals & vaccine!

Covid Vaccine Update

The FDA is meeting today to consider giving Emergency Use Authorization for children ages 5-11 years to receive the Pfizer Covid vaccine! If the FDA approves it, the next step is approval from ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) who are scheduled to meet Tuesday, 11/2/21. The final step will be recommendation from the CDC. We cannot administer Covid 19 vaccine to our school aged patients until all three steps are complete – This means late next week is the earliest this could happen, provided we have the vaccine in the offices. However – We are closer than we have been! Thank you for your continued patience & if you are interested in the vaccine, use the Sign-Up Genius to let us know!

Covid Vaccine Update 10/21/21

We do not have any new information about when we will receive the vaccine for ages 5 – 11 years, but anticipate it will be the first or 2nd week of November.
If you would like to be placed on a wait-list for the vaccine, please click the link below. If we have left over doses at the end of the day, we will call patients on this list to come get a vaccine. We will also use the list to reach out to patients when the vaccine is ready.

Covid Vaccine for School Age Children is Coming!

Cary/Fuquay/Apex Pediatrics is one of the first Pediatric practices in the state that will receive Covid vaccine for children ages 5 – 11. Many of you have questions – So do we!
What we know:
1. We are getting a small amount of vaccine initially. These vaccines will be offered to immunosuppressed & high risk patients first. This means most of our patients will not get the vaccine with the first shipment to our offices.
2. We will offer the vaccine at your child’s well exam if we have it available.
3. We hope to have drive-thru clinics at one or more of our offices as staffing allows. Like the rest of the nation, our offices are experiencing staffing issues. You may have to go to a different office for the covid vaccine.
4. We do not have a date the vaccine will be in the office. As soon as we have vaccine, we will post it on the website, on our social media accounts & send a newsletter.
5. We are not in control when the vaccine will arrive. This is being handled by DHHS.
6. We are thrilled that you are excited about your child receiving this important vaccine.
7. We are thankful to be able to offer it to you. We believe in the safety of the vaccine and the science behind it.

That is all we know today. Like most thing related to Covid, there will be changes, updates, & new information coming daily. We will update you as soon we have new information!

Flu clinics!

We have several open flu clinics open – with daytime & evening hours available.  At this time, we will have flu clinics at our Apex & Cary locations only due to unexpected issues with staffing.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope you will take advantage of the dates & times at our other two offices.  Call the office today to get your flu vaccine!

Flu Vaccine is Here

We have flu & COVID-19 vaccines available at each office. We have various days & times available & are excited to have several drive-thru clinics again this year!

Please call your office to schedule your flu shot today!

Children & Anxiety

Dr. Seidel talks with Dr. Carrie Dittner of Peak City Psychology about our children and the anxiety they may have about returning to school this fall.

CHADIS is here!

Cary/Fuquay/Apex Pediatrics is proud to now provide an online system that allows you to receive and complete questionnaires at home before your visit using your portal account.
“CHADIS” stands for Child Health And Development Interactive System”. CHADIS helps you communicate securely with your doctor over the internet before our office visit. If you have forms that need completing, they will be sent to your portal a week before your appointment. You can complete the form from your phone, tablet or computer.
You should complete the CHADIS questionnaires before EVERY visit. You can use CHADIS of you are a parent, grandparent or caregiver. Just pick the title that identifies your relationship to the patient. All answers are completely confidential and cannot be viewed by anyone except your doctor.
Don’t have a portal account yet? Can’t remember your password? Not a problem! Call the office and we will set you your account over the phone or reset your password if needed.
We look forward to seeing you soon!