Checkup Posters By Age Group

We all could use some help now, especially when life finds the new normal.

I appreciate those who purchased printed copies of these posters last year. The project as it was became untenable, and with current medical climate as it is, I felt it best to share them with everyone.

Please download, share, print, or publish these, with your own logo if desired. Please do not charge others to use them. These are my intellectual property that I am making available to everyone in the pediatric community. If you decide to make content changes, please do so gently and thoughtfully.

Each poster has versions in Spanish and English. I had a few different people look at the Spanish translations, and I appreciate their help, including Alma Ordaz at Premier Pediatrics in Beverly Hills.

  • Simple means that the wording is softer, less jarring.
  • Complex means that “scarier” words are used to describe conditions for which we screen.
  • Click on the thumbnail image to preview each poster.
  • Each zipped download includes a high-resolution JPG file (which should serve for most uses), and an Adobe Photoshop file.

Thank you,

– Dr. Brian Bowman