Parenting in a Pandemic A Podcast Series with Dr. Hope Seidel

Parenting is tough on a good day. Add in a worldwide pandemic…well that will stretch ya...BIG. We are always here to support you, but now, more than ever, we know things are getting a little bonkers.

Welcome to our podcast. This pandemic series is designed to provide you with some perspective from some of our favorite experts in the area. Let us know how it serves you. Let us know how we can add more guidance and what content would help.
We hope you find a few pearls in each episode.

Dr. Seidel

Children & Anxiety

Dr. Seidel talks with Dr. Carrie Dittner of Peak City Psychology about our children and the anxiety they may have about returning to school this fall.

Success for School

Strategies for guiding kids through school at home overflow in this episode with Dr. Hope Seidel and Jill Cassone founder of Success4School. 

The Value of Chores

The value of chores is our hot topic for this episode with Dr. Hope Seidel and Charla McKinley of Beyond Personal Finance.

Sharing the Calm

Dr. Hope Seidel discusses mindfulness with Jennifer Fisher, cofounder of Little Guru Kids Yoga.

Self-Care and Making Healthy Choices

Dr. Hope Seidel discusses self-care and healthy choices with registered dietitian Zeina Wu. Check out this great resource for 21 snack ideas.

Academic Resilience

Dr. Hope Seidel discusses academic resilience with Josette Holland.

Coaching Kids Through Hard Things

Dr. Hope Seidel talks with life coach Kamini Wood about self-compassion and communication.

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Support

Dr. Hope Seidel discusses breastfeeding and postpartum support during this unique time with Karissa Binkley, LCCE, IBCLC of Second Nature Lactation & Childbirth. Visit our A to Z Guide for more information and resources on lactation.

Do You Miss Your Dentist?

Dr. Hope Seidel interviews Dr. Bobby Elliott from Cary Pediatric Dentistry about how to keep your teeth healthy when regular dental care is not possible.

Connection, Loss, and Pain in a Pandemic

As we continue our Parenting in a Pandemic Series, Dr. Hope Seidel discusses the concepts of connection, loss, and pain in a pandemic with Dr. Carrie Dittner of Peak City Psychology